Guy In Real Life by Steve Brezenoff

What happens when real life and gaming culture collide blurring the lines between what’s real, what’s fantasy, what’s friendship and what’s obsession? When the many roles we’re forced to play only confuse and confound? Those are some of the questions explored in Steve Brezenoff’s Guy In Real Life.

Lesh Tungsten is a metalhead. Always dressed in black – black boots, black trench coat, black band t-shirt, he is a monochromatic, sullen faced teen who’s life revolves around hanging out and going to gigs. Svetlana Allegheny is tall, willowy and creative. An artist, Lana appreciates the beauty in all things. On one fateful summer’s night, right before the start of the new school year Lesh and Lana come crashing into each other’s life, and what develops is a curious, sweet, slow burning friendship, a prime example of opposites attracting, and a mutual (but secret) obsession with each other.


Original, savvy and filled with geek-chic references Guy In Real Life has an uncanny ability to mix the whimsical with the dramatic all while navigating the very stringent rules of online gaming, live action role playing and friendship.

Told from the dual perspectives of Lesh and Lana, what really makes Guy In Real Life standout is that as much as author Steve Brezenoff navigates the implications of socializing outside of your circle he also takes the reader on an in depth journey into the world of online gaming in a way that’s wholly original.

Why You’ll Love It
It’s absolutely geektastic, MMORPG to LARPing, Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering, Lana’s penchant for exclaiming things in French to Lesh being named after a member of The Grateful Dead, there’s a little something for every taste. Plus it’s a great examination on the roles we play in everyday life.

Choice Quote: I have to admit it, the Icelandic banana is doing some pretty insane stuff at this point.


Guy In Real Life is published by Balzer + Bray an imprint of HarperCollins

*This post was originally published on The O’Deary Library

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