About ThePersnicketyRapscallion

Welcome to ThePersnicketyRapscallion an everything books blog.

I, ThePersnicketyRapscallion am your most humble host – a book junkie and pop culture enthusiast all of my life. Don’t believe me? I carry a book AND a Kobo everywhere I go. At least once a day I strike up a conversation with someone about books (yes, even complete strangers, I have no discerning tastes) and I’m prone to making both obvious and obscure pop culture references.

I enjoy quoting The Simpsons and discussing hard hitting issues such as who’s the bigger hero Dumbledore or Snape? I may or may not have a slight obsession with Colin Farrell (but lets be honest, who doesn’t?) and I’m the type of  weirdo who can name their favourite book, movie, actor and band without any doubt (Pride and Prejudice/The Fault in Our Stars/Watership Down, The Philadelphia Story, Paul Newman/Katherine Hepburn, STARS weird right?)

When I’m not busy reading or searching for new books to read I can be found either at work, at school or arguing with my best friend about why we would in fact never make it as a team on The Amazing Race.

Feel free to comment and make suggestions for new reviews.



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