That Awkward Moment

GodMonstersThat awkward moment when you realize buying a special edition copy of a book and then a hardcover box set that will include that book, minus the special edition part, knowing the box set won’t be available until October, and the special edition had to be ordered from the US crosses the boundaries of normal obsession into the realm of cray cray…and yet you feel no shame, rather just a perverse desire to pull a Superman and spin the world ahead eight months…

42 days. 42! Me Gusta (RAGE COMICS)


Night of Cake & Puppets – New Laini Taylor Novella


Anyone who knows me knows I’m kind of, sort of, super, crazy obsessed with Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy, so this news makes me super happy!

Plus, who doesn’t love Zuzana and Mik?